Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman (9/26/14)

Oh, to be able to sit down and talk with you, Tactics, about each and every post…just what were you thinking when you published this particular one in September 2014? Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman Were you contrasting the difference between a fictional superhero from a real-life villain? Were you warning said villain, Wolf Bob Scott, … Continue reading Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman (9/26/14)


Christianity? Not! (9/24/14)

I find it interesting that Tactics felt comfortable enough to draw a comparison of life within the Calvary Temple Cult to religious persecution in the Middle East. I did post a brief comment to this Tactics’ blog post back in 2014 (“What a comparison, one that I quite frankly, had not considered before. But you … Continue reading Christianity? Not! (9/24/14)

The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Minds (9/18/14)

We've finally arrived! Today's blog post contains what evidently was my actual first comments on a Tactics' blog installment. The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Minds Tactics wrote: "“I’m so happy here, no one has ever loved me as much as the pastors at Calvary Temple” (Endearing, witnessing, recruiting tactic). Facts: On pastor’s orders, we currently have … Continue reading The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Minds (9/18/14)