Happy Rebirth Day To Me! (12/10/07)

December 10, 2007, is my second rebirth day...11 years ago today, Father, after opening my blind eyes and deaf ears, broke the chains that Wolf Bob Scott and the cult of Calvary Temple placed on my heart, and I left that awful, horrible place.   Since then, my fellow ex-CT warriors - along with Sterling … Continue reading Happy Rebirth Day To Me! (12/10/07)

When You Leave Here, Don’t Reach Back In… (10/20/14)

If this wasn’t so awful, so disgusting…so true…I might be able to laugh now about this after all of these years. However, because this tactic from Wolf Bob Scott has been used by him and his henchman so successfully for decades now, I truly cannot find any sarcastic mirth in this to chuckle over. This … Continue reading When You Leave Here, Don’t Reach Back In… (10/20/14)

Pastoral Care (10/17/14)

Tactics’ post from October 17, 2014, is, in my opinion, self-explanatory without too much help from me…unless, of course, you read through it and express shock, dismay, and disbelief over the fact that this post is describing supposed “pastoral care” in a supposed “church”. You then may need to hear that I can concur with … Continue reading Pastoral Care (10/17/14)

Out With the Old and In With the New (10/9/14)

Regardless of how you feel about marriage and/or divorce, you’ve got to admit that the Calvary Temple Cult’s marriage/divorce track record is dismal, at best. Out With the Old and In With the New Tactics, in this very telling blog post from October 9, 2014, writes: “Pastor likes divorce. He encourages divorce. The Bible text … Continue reading Out With the Old and In With the New (10/9/14)

Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Your’s (10/7/14)

Hey, ya’ll… I have been very busy lately, so my regular posting has suffered. And. Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. Perhaps we all need a break sometimes. Tactics posted the following in October 2014. Since then, the link to the video no longer works. While the videos that Tactics posts always help…me, at … Continue reading Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Your’s (10/7/14)

Don’t Fear a Thief (10/2/14)

Hello all - So much has happened since I wrote my last actual in chronological order Tactics commentary (A Gamer): Tactics took a sabbatical [Multiple Blog] + My Own Personal Message to Tactics of Calvary Temple Should've Known Former Calvary Temple Cult Deacon, Kevin O’Connor was arrested Breaking News: [Former] Calvary Temple Deacon Indicted on … Continue reading Don’t Fear a Thief (10/2/14)

Guests Speak

September 20, 2018 Please believe me, dear readers, when I tell you that I am currently working on a new blog post, a commentary from Tactics written and posted on October 2, 2014. But with such a flurry of activity going on with Calvary Temple arrests, new folks leaving...YAY!!!...and fellow bloggers posting letters or articles … Continue reading Guests Speak