A Gamer (10/1/14)

For this Tactic’s commentary, A Gamer, I will open with the definition of a “Gamer.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines this moniker as: 1: a player who is game; especially: an athlete who relishes competition 2: a person who plays games especially: a person who regularly plays computer or video games But, if Tactics is implying … Continue reading A Gamer (10/1/14)


Guests Speak

July 27, 2018 To Bob Scott and everyone who chooses to stay in this cult...to anyone who makes the choice to worship a false leader: SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE SHAMEFUL, AND YOU CERTAINLY CAN NOT CALL YOURSELF A FOLLOWER OF JESUS. "Only Sarah did I see, and it was ten seconds of ‘Please leave … Continue reading Guests Speak

Look Up (9/30/14)

This could very well have been my shortest blog post ever. It certainly was Tactics’. The post contained only a video and was entitled, “Look Up.” The video is no longer available, so I really have no clue what it contained, and I certainly can’t remember. #oldladyproblems But. When I did a Google search, I found the … Continue reading Look Up (9/30/14)

Resume’ of the Religious (9/29/14)

I know that not all of my readers will agree with me, but I’ve got to just say that the timing of the Lord is…well…perfect. There are just simply far too many instances that prove this to me, and those are just the ones that I’ve noticed. Coincidence, you say? Perhaps. But I kinda sorta … Continue reading Resume’ of the Religious (9/29/14)