Guests Speak

The latest installment from the blog, Leaving Calvary Temple: Another Twisted Scripture by Star Scott, is a “must read.” This is an excellent post that takes Bob Scott’s manipulation of the Word of God apart, piece by piece – more evidence of how this wolf operates. To the Sterling community and surrounding areas, we continue to … Continue reading Guests Speak


#Expose Calvary Temple

Today is February 14, 2018. As an introduction for what I am going to share today, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Yes? No? Maybe? Don’t worry. This post isn’t about this made-up saccharine-sweet holiday. It’s about… …you guessed it - Calvary Temple and our stand to Expose it for the destructive, abusive cult that it is. … Continue reading #Expose Calvary Temple

Five Reasons Not to Trust Calvary Temple’s Public Relations (8/15/2014)

August 2014, in Tactics of Calvary Temple world, marked a change in what was said about Bob Scott and henchmen. In other words, Tactics started calling out Wolf Bob Scott’s lies…essentially calling BS what he is – A LIAR - big time. August 2014’s posts were lengthier in general. Five Reasons Not to Trust Calvary … Continue reading Five Reasons Not to Trust Calvary Temple’s Public Relations (8/15/2014)

Break Down of a Half-Truth (8/15/2014)

I’ve been chomping at the bit to write my commentary for this Tactics post from August 2014. Rightly so, Tactics makes a point about Wolf Bob Scott regurtitating “half-truth(s)” from his faux pulpit: Break Down of a Half-Truth Can we just call it like it really is? Bob Scott LIES. Always has, and unfortunately, most … Continue reading Break Down of a Half-Truth (8/15/2014)

The Flatterer (8/1/2014)

This August 1, 2014, Tactics installment takes its cue from the John Bunyan classic, Pilgrim’s Progress, written in 1678. How many of you have ever read this famous and popular novel? I can say that I have. And while I enjoyed it, it is my opinion that it isn’t an “easy read”. At the end of … Continue reading The Flatterer (8/1/2014)